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About Abbie's Kitchen

Female baker putting cupcakes into oven.

Owner, Baker & Designer

Hello, I’m Abbie and I run Abbie’s Kitchen in Monton, Manchester, and have been doing since Feb 2019. From an early age I knew I wanted to pursue a creative career, although it was many years later that I realised I wanted to design wedding cakes for a living. Upon leaving school I went to study art & design then later specialised in costume design and textiles. Through my studies I gained a myriad of creative and practical knowledge, which has enabled me to start my own business creating cakes that have a unique character.

Abbie Clayton

As a young child I was taught to bake by my Grandma Olive and I would later come to make cakes for friends' birthdays and gift out baked treats at Christmas. After being asked to bake a cake and cupcakes for my brother in laws wedding, my partner suggested maybe this was the career path for me? As someone who is full of energy and loves to be on their feet for this made complete sense, I could couple my design skills with my love of baking and Abbie’s Kitchen was born.

My work brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction, I am extremely passionate about what I do, and this translates through the work I produce. I strive for perfection with every order I receive, from using the freshest ingredients and baking the perfect sponge layers, to meticulously stacking tiers and perfecting the final decorations. I run Abbie’s kitchen (mostly) singlehandedly (except for my lovely family who help during particularly busy periods) so when you order from me, I ensure that you are getting a 5-star service throughout the entire process.

Abbie the business owner holding a cupcake.
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